Central Plaza adding 5 floors of new apartments to Downtown Temple

Once Temple’s former SPJST Building is renovated and reopened as Central Plaza, it will have a retail center on the first floor and 5 floors of apartment homes. The roof will be decked out with a water feature for future residents to relax, catch some sun, and bathe in the 2″ water pool.

The historic SPJST Building was built in 1929, the end of the roaring twenties – marked by the Wall Street Crash which started The Great Depression. The building was structurally designed to carry an additional two stories, and the original elevator shaft was extended to prepare for this increase. Its steel-reinforced concrete construction was conceived to eliminate interior columns for easy use of floor space.

The interior floor-to-ceiling height is 16′ on the first floor, and 11’2″ on all the upper floors, allowing tall loft spaces on every floor and abundant natural light from the 8′ tall windows. The 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartment units will lease at average rates from $1,050 to $2,254.