CPR Cell Phone Repair Waco repairs iPhones and iPads with genuine Apple Parts

CPR Cell Phone Repair Waco, the phone repair shop at 4607 West Waco Drive, can save Wacoans who insist that their Apple products repaired with genuine Apple parts a long drive to the nearest Apple store in the DFW or Austin areas.

CPR is proud to now offer genuine Apple parts on repairs! They make sure your iPhone repair is completed reliably and safely with Apple diagnostic software, tools, and processes. While they use genuine Apple parts, they are not classified as an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Additionally, while Samsung Galaxy owners may have little in common with Apple fans, many owners of both brands share a preference for genuine OEM parts when they get their devices repaired. Waco’s Galaxy owners are in luck because CPR Cell Phone Repair Waco also offers genuine Samsung parts when performing repairs on Galaxy phones and other popular Samsung phone and tablet models.

CPR Cell Phone Repair does far more than just cell phone repair at their shop in Waco. The locally-owned business is able to repair electronics with a variety of issues– from cracked touchscreens and water damage to computer tune-ups and more. Don’t want to fix your phone or device? Browse their certified pre-owned phones and devices to find one that fits your lifestyle and budget.