Expensive collision with a cheap garage screen plants seed for fast-growing Central Texas company

Late one night, long-time Killeen resident Dana Harvey did not notice that her home’s store-bought garage screen was hanging down as she drove into the garage. The song on the radio was good and the stereo was cranked up, so she didn’t hear the awful scratching sounds as the bars that weigh down the screen did thousands of dollars in damage to her vehicle. A costly “car vs. cheap, temporary garage screen” encounter spurred Dana and her husband Robert Harvey to start Harvey Home Comfort, a fast-growing Central Texas business focused on installing high-quality Lifestyle garage screens, custom solar screens, screened porches/patios, epoxy garage floors, and more.

Since their launch two years ago, Harvey Home Comfort has sold hundreds of garage door screen systems in Waco, Temple, Killeen, Harker Heights, and Belton, Texas. From Bella Charca to Copperas Cove, homeowners and commercial property managers are raving about the quality of the garage screens. They are installed behind the garage door, so the screens are HOA compliant. Most customers order their screens with a small door that allows them to enter and exit their garage without raising the whole screen. Some garage screens even include pet doors. Customers can choose their color and configuration.

Garage Screens by Harvey Home Comfort

Screened Patios and Porches by Harvey Home Comfort

In addition to installing screens to make local garages, patios, and homes more comfortable, the company is shipping garage screens all over the USA thanks to a Harvey Home Comfort TikTok account with over 40,000 fans and nearly a million likes.

Interested in making your home, garage, or patio more comfortable? Visit Dana and Robert at the Harvey Home Comfort showroom located at 5902 East Veterans Memorial Boulevard, Building A, in Killeen or call 254-226-3766

Solar Screens By Harvey Home Comfort