Dart’em Up opening indoor Nerf blaster battlefield in spring 2022

If you’ve ever wanted to battle with Nerf blasters in a fun, competitive atmosphere, you will soon have your chance. Dart’em Up-Waco is an indoor foam dart sports arena that is under construction at 1208 N. Robinson Drive in the Waco suburb of Robinson. The business aims to be a fun and exciting place to play Dart Tag games with family and friends and for team-building events. According to a recent post on their Facebook page, they aim to “open in the spring!”

Hour-long dart tag games like Team Elimination battles and Humans v. Zombies pit two teams against each other in fun, organized chaos with trained referees, music, and a full arsenal of Nerf blasters. Dart’em Up Waco will offer action-packed fun for solo players, group battles, birthday parties, employee team building, company events, and fundraisers. The venue aims to be “perfect for kids and kids at heart from 5 years and up.” As long as you can hold, load, and shoot a Nerf blaster, you’re in! Call (254) 836-6124 or email waco@dartemup.com for more information.

Images by Dart’em Up-Waco