Historic Stables of Anheuser Busch Ice House to Be Redeveloped as Retail and Restaurant Space

The historic stables of the Anheuser Busch Ice House in Waco, Texas, are set to be transformed into a bustling retail and restaurant hub, with construction slated to begin on March 31, 2023. The project, with a completion date of June 1, 2024, is estimated to cost $13 million and will encompass 57,554 sq. ft. of space.

The redevelopment project will preserve the unique heritage of the historic structure while transforming it into a modern and functional space for commercial use. The new retail and restaurant hub will offer an array of unique shops, dining options, and gathering spaces.

The market retail hall will provide vendors with a space to sell their wares, while the outdoor commons and event area will be an ideal spot for community events, festivals, and concerts. The project is expected to create new jobs and generate revenue for local businesses, further enhancing the economic growth and vitality of the region.

Once complete, the historic stables of the Anheuser Busch Ice House will be a vibrant addition to the Waco area, attracting visitors and locals alike. The start and completion dates, estimated cost, and scope of the project are expected to make this one of the most significant redevelopment projects in the region.

Images from Turner Brothers Real Estate Property Brochure