Back in Business: Popular Temple Food Truck Forced to Close Due to Theft fires back up

In a recent unfortunate incident, the You Da Man Noodle Man food truck was forced to close its doors due to a theft that resulted in the loss of their power cord and all the food stored in their fridges. The incident happened at The Yard Food Truck Plaza located at 212 S Main St, Temple, TX, United States, Texas.

Now, according to the food truck’s social media profiles, You Da Man Noodle Man is back to serving the noodles his customers love.

You Da Man Noodle Man is known for their delicious ramen bowls and other Asian-inspired dishes. Their menu includes popular items such as the Classic Shrimp Ramen, Beef Chorizo Ramen, and Classic Chicken Ramen. They also offer sides like Chevy’s Rice Cake and extra broth options for their bowls.

Unfortunately, the food truck lost all of their inventory when the thieves stole the power cord that kept their fridges running. As a result, the food truck was forced to close until further notice, leaving customers without their beloved ramen and other dishes.

The owners of the You Da Man Noodle Man food truck expressed their disappointment and frustration about the theft, but also thanked their loyal customers for their support. They are happy to be back up and running, serving up their tasty dishes to the Temple community.