HobbyTown to Celebrate Grand Opening of New Waco Location

Hobby enthusiasts in Waco, Texas, are in for a treat as the popular retail chain, HobbyTown, is set to open a new store at Brazos Place on April 15th. The project, with a TABS number of 2023007512, involved renovating and finishing an existing 11,005 square foot retail space for the new HobbyTown location, with an estimated cost of $725,507.

Founded in 1985, HobbyTown is the largest brick and mortar hobby retailer in the world, with over 100 franchise stores in over 35 states across the U.S. The new Waco location will offer a wide variety of hobby-related merchandise, including model airplanes, remote-controlled cars, and games.

The grand opening of the new store at 4322 West Waco Dr is expected to attract a large crowd of hobby enthusiasts eager to explore the vast selection of products offered by HobbyTown. The company’s mission is to share the love of hobbies with as many people as possible, and they are constantly seeking new franchise opportunities to expand their reach.

The Waco community can now look forward to the exciting new addition to their city, with HobbyTown’s grand opening set to be a fun-filled event that will bring together hobbyists from all around.

Image by HobbyTown (Waco, TX)