Killeen Municipal Court Collects Almost $73,000 in Fines During Warrant Roundup

The Killeen Municipal Court has successfully concluded its two-week warrant roundup program, with citizens clearing almost $73,000 in fines during the period. The court cleared 130 warrants and handled 61 defendants, including $4,304 cleared through jail credit and $965 through community service.

Before the program, the court offered warrant forgiveness in December 2022, encouraging citizens with outstanding warrants to visit the courthouse without fear of arrest and waiving all additional warrant fees, except for the fines. The court then provided six months of warnings for those on the active warrant list to clear their names.

From Feb. 27 to March 10, the Killeen Police Department actively sought out those who had failed to take action to clear their warrants. The partnership between the court and the police department resulted in the success of the warrant roundup program.

“I consider the program a success from start to finish,” said Judge Kris Krishna. “After releasing the warrant roundup list in June of 2022, many heeded our warnings and took actions to clear their warrants during our warrant forgiveness period. Through our partnership with the Police Department, we were able to clear another 130 warrants during our roundup period. While some of those were arrests, many were able to clear their names online or in person.”

The Killeen Municipal Court program continues to update its active warrant list weekly and encourages citizens to visit for more information.