Bell County’s First Legal Distillery, Wilson Valley Mercantile, Opens in Central Texas

John and Erica Evans have recently opened Wilson Valley Mercantile, the first and currently only legal distillery in Bell County, Texas. Located just outside Little River at 2421 Wilson Valley Loop, the distillery operates as a farm distillery, growing the grain they use in their distillation process. This seed-to-glass, grain-to-glass, and farm-and-field-to-glass approach showcases the Evans family’s commitment to their local roots.

The Evans family has a long history in the area, helping to settle the region in the late 1860s. Since then, they have been farming and ranching in the area. With the opening of Wilson Valley Mercantile in September 2022, the family is extending their agricultural expertise to the distillation of spirits, including bourbon, vodka, and fusions.

Wilson Valley Mercantile’s tasting room is open to the public on Fridays from 5-9 PM and Saturdays from 4-9 PM. Starting on Thursday, March 16, the distillery will also host a songwriter round-up on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Visitors are encouraged to come and enjoy craft cocktails, live local music, and a selection of snacks and panini sandwiches.

In addition to their distilled spirits, Wilson Valley Mercantile sells locally grown, responsibly raised beef from their tasting room. Customers can purchase premium ground beef or whole beef to take home and enjoy.

For more information on Wilson Valley Mercantile, visit their website at, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @wilsonvalleymercantile. For inquiries, contact them at (254) 982-4265 or