Health Camp: A Taste of Nostalgia with Classic Burgers and Shakes in Waco Since 1948

Relish Waco’s Rich Culinary History with Time-Honored Comfort Food and Irresistible Milkshakes

Situated at 2601 Circle Rd in Waco, Texas, Health Camp has stood as a beloved local institution since 1948, enticing both residents and visitors alike with its scrumptious burgers and delightful shakes. The iconic neon sign and nostalgic atmosphere whisk customers back to a bygone era, delivering a charming dining experience centered around comfort food and warm, friendly service.

Many Facebook reviewers have lauded Health Camp’s offerings, bestowing upon the restaurant an impressive 4.1 rating from 1,702 reviews. Gail J. shared her enthusiasm for the “excellent hamburgers” and “fast and friendly service.” Similarly, Tony B. raved about the “great food and very friendly staff,” while Steve S. declared the shakes to be “crazy good.”

Other reviewers like Makalah C. appreciated the “kind and patient” staff, and Steve K. found the burgers to be simply irresistible. Health Camp’s loyal patrons continue to flock to this Waco staple for the perfect blend of delicious comfort food and a cozy atmosphere, ensuring its lasting legacy as a local treasure.

For a taste of Waco’s rich culinary history and the unforgettable experience of classic burgers and shakes, don’t miss out on a visit to Health Camp.

Images by Health Camp Waco