Road Ranger Travel Center and FreeWire Bring Fast EV Charging Stations to Waco

Road Ranger Travel Center and FreeWire have teamed up to offer alternative fueling options to consumers in Waco, TX, with the unveiling of the first of many EV Boost Charging Stations. The move comes as part of Road Ranger’s efforts to support the build-out of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure and enhance its sustainability initiative.

The EV charging stations are compatible with all Level 3 EVs, as well as Teslas with an adapter, and a single electric vehicle can charge at 150 kW, or two EVs can charge simultaneously at 75 kW. The Boost Chargers possess an ultra-fast charger and an integrated lithium-ion battery pack with 160kWh of total energy storage capacity and a Battery Management System (BMS), providing fast charging for up to two EVs per machine simultaneously.

Road Ranger Travel Center’s EV Chargers use an internal battery to increase the speed of the charge instead of directly using grid power. This enables the battery-integrated rapid charger to deliver approximately 200 miles in 15 minutes, allowing customers to get back on the road quickly and safely.

The partnership with FreeWire will see the purchase of 12 Boost Charger Charging Stations, which will be deployed across six sites in 2023. Road Ranger is committed to enhancing its environmentally conscious efforts by offering a fast charge solution to its customers, adding to the already long list of amenities that Road Ranger has to offer.

Marko Zaro, CEO of Road Ranger, stated, “As we continue to grow, adding EV charging to the already long list of amenities Road Ranger has to offer is very exciting.” The ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 8, 2023, marked the first step towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future for the Waco community.