Target Announces $3.8M Renovation Plans for Temple Store

Retail giant Target has announced plans to renovate its store located at 3550 S. General Bruce Bldg. A100 in Temple, TX. The project, expected to start on May 21, 2023, and be completed by November 3, 2023, will cost an estimated $3,789,575.

The renovation will focus on a 28,663 square foot interior remodel of the Sales Floor, Restrooms, Starbucks, Cafe, and Optical areas. Target will also be reconfiguring and relocating the Fitting Rooms, Guest Services, Offices, Stockroom, and Grocery to make room for a new online pickup area with a walk-in cooler/freezer.

With this renovation, Target is seeking to enhance the shopping experience for its customers and provide more convenience for online orders. The store will remain open during the construction period, and Target has stated that it will take all necessary precautions to minimize any disruption to its customers.

The Target store in Temple, TX, is one of the 1,880 stores operated by the retailer across the United States. Target is committed to investing in its stores to remain competitive and meet the changing needs of its customers.