Midway ISD Shines at TSPRA Star Awards, Winning Multiple Best of Category Awards

The Midway ISD Communications Department has taken the top prize at this year’s Texas School Public Relations Association (TSPRA) conference. The annual Star Awards aim to recognize outstanding contributions in education communications. With an impressive 1,692 total entries received from across Texas for the 2021-2022 school year, the MISD Communications team achieved gold ratings for every published work, and two entries were crowned the best in Texas with Best of Category Awards.

Director of Communications Traci Marlin and Communications Systems Coordinator Robert Pryor received recognition for their work with Letterman Creative on the new Midway Panther mascot, which won Best of Category Award and Gold Star rating for being one of the best logos in Texas. The entire communications team, together with TSTC Graphic Design Interns Amanda Acosta and Carol Pope, also received a Best of Category Award and Gold Star rating in the Original Art category for the district’s campus banners and Panther backdrop.

Marlin, who has played a significant role in promoting the district’s success, also received two Gold Star Awards, one for the Marketing Campaign category for HR Recruitment and the other in the Advertisement category for Midway’s job fair booth. Pryor earned a Silver Star Award for developing Midway’s Brand Identity Package in-house, uniting academics, athletics, campuses, and departments under one consistent brand.

Multimedia Specialist Katy Durham received a Gold Star Award in the Digital Media category for an interactive online timeline of Midway’s history to celebrate the district’s 75th anniversary. Acosta also earned a Gold Star Award in the Flyer category for designing “Greatness at a Glance,” which highlights some of the district’s significant achievements.

The MISD Communications team’s success at the TSPRA Star Awards is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and commitment to delivering outstanding communications that promote the district’s achievements. Congratulations to the Midway ISD Communications Department on their well-deserved success.

Image Source: Midway ISD