Spartan 5K Stadion Race to Take Place at Baylor University’s McLane Stadium

On April 1, 2023, Spartan will host its 5K Stadion Race at Baylor University’s McLane Stadium for the first time ever. The Greater Waco Sports Commission is organizing the event, which is expected to draw participants from all over central Texas.

McLane Stadium, located on the Brazos River and adjacent to the I-35 Corridor, is a multi-functional sports and entertainment venue that hosts various events throughout the year, including Baylor University football. The stadium will serve as the perfect venue for the Spartan 5K Stadion Race, which promises a wild ride for participants.

After the race, participants and spectators can head over to Magnolia Market, where they can find shopping, food trucks, and a traditional cafe. Spectator passes for the event will be priced at $10, while racers can expect to pay starting at $25.99.

The Spartan 5K Stadion Race at Baylor University’s McLane Stadium promises to be an exciting event that will bring together sports enthusiasts from all over the region. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the thrill of a Spartan race in the heart of central Texas!