Killeen Citizens Academy Graduates Newest Class, Applications Open Soon for 2024

Killeen’s Citizens Academy celebrated the graduation of its newest class of participants, who completed the eight-week program to gain an in-depth understanding of the city’s departments and functions of its government. Since its creation in 2014, the program has been a popular way for citizens to learn more about the inner workings of the city, from its elected officials to its various departments.

The Killeen Citizens Academy offers a unique opportunity for participants to interact with city staff and elected officials, gaining an inside look at city operations. The program has proven to be a valuable resource for those looking to become more involved in local government, with participants gaining an understanding of the challenges facing city officials and staff, and how they work to address them.

Applications for the 2024 class will be available in the coming months, with a limited enrollment of 30 participants. Interested parties are encouraged to apply quickly to secure their spot in this popular and informative program. With the ongoing success of the Citizens Academy, it’s clear that the program will continue to be an essential part of Killeen’s community engagement efforts.

Image Credit: City of Killeen