Explore Waco’s Religious History: “Waco’s Historic Houses of Worship” Exhibit at Mayborn Museum

Baylor’s Mayborn Museum Complex has recently opened a new exhibit called “Waco’s Historic Houses of Worship.” The exhibit showcases Waco’s history through the places where people have worshipped, including churches and synagogues. Visitors can explore an oversized birds-eye-view map of 1886 Waco to locate eight Waco houses of worship, at least six of which still have active congregations almost 140 years later. These eight houses of worship represent seven different denominations, highlighting the religious diversity that has been a long-running thread in Waco’s history.

The “Waco’s Historic Houses of Worship” exhibit will be on display at the Mayborn Museum Complex through August 31. The exhibit offers a fascinating glimpse into Waco’s past and is a must-visit for anyone interested in the city’s history and architecture.