Western Belle Farm’s Pup Pass Fundraiser Returns for Spring Festival, Aims to Support Local Animal Non-Profits

Western Belle Farm, a family-owned farm in West, Texas, has announced the return of its Pup Pass Fundraiser for the 2023 Spring Festival. This initiative is aimed at raising money to support local animal non-profits in Texas. To participate, dog owners are required to purchase a $5 Pup Pass for their dogs when visiting the farm. All proceeds from the Pup Pass sales are donated to the chosen non-profit, with Western Belle Farm even covering ticketing fees.

In its first year in 2022, the Pup Pass Fundraiser managed to raise an impressive $1,000. The funds were used to cover veterinary care, food, and finding homes for stray animals in Central Texas. The farm is now in the process of selecting the non-profit beneficiary for its 2023 Spring Festival.

Western Belle Farm is encouraging its followers to nominate their favorite Texas-based non-profit by commenting with the non-profit’s name, tagging them directly, sharing their story of adoption or rescue, or posting photos of their pups from the previous season at the farm. The top three tagged non-profits will be put up for a final vote through the farm’s social media stories next week.

Western Belle Farm is located at 7929 Heritage Parkway, West, TX, United States, Texas. For more information, contact them at (254) 447-7422, or via email at info@WesternBelleFarm.com. Visit their website at WesternBelleFarm.com.

Images by Western Belle Farm